I list all of my ‘main projects’ here, outside of the development log, so you can quickly see what I’ve worked on.

  • Don’t Touch the Red Stuff!

    Don’t Touch the Red Stuff!

    This is a simple 1 day platformer I made to get back into the habit of daily programming. Ive been slacking and getting rusty lately, so I’ve started to dive back into programming without my PlayMaker parachute/crutch. I still like PlayMaker, but there’s some things that just need to be…

  • Blocky Dungeon

    Blocky Dungeon

    Blocky Dungeon is a game with several versions, similar art styles, with varying gameplay, because I can’t decide how I want to make it. Turned based grid RPG? Action RPG? Randomly generated dungeons? Carefully handcrafted dungeons? The art style and theme has been pretty much solidified, but the gameplay is…

  • FezCraft


    A quick minecraft-ish prototype with Fez styled blocks. Was surprising that so much could be done with PlayMaker, from the editing of the world to the player controller. F

  • Voxel Bomberman

    Voxel Bomberman

    I worked on this Voxel Bomberman type game on and off with various tech. I went from C# to PlayMaker, and then back to C#. The lighting ended up getting baked on the vertexes, and I used A* pathfinding for the player and enemies.  

  • Voxel Helicopter Shooter

    Voxel Helicopter Shooter

    This game was my last PlayMaker experiment before going back to pure C#. Now that I’ve stopped using PlayMaker, I doubt that I’ll do anything more with this project.

  • 3 Day RPG

    3 Day RPG

    A bunch of us devs decided to make life harder by compounding multiple layers of gamejams at one moment. Besides crunch from OneGameAMonth I now have to finish an RPG in 3 days. I’d like to thank TheVillageBlacksmith for getting me involved in such a crazy plan. Worst case scenario,…

  • That Dummy

    That Dummy

    This game never got a proper name, so we had always just called it “That Dummy Game”. This was a collaboration work between me and Andrew Sandifer. He had come to me with a prototype that was pretty well off. It was a FlashPunk game, and he had done a…