I list all of my ‘main projects’ here, outside of the development log, so you can quickly see what I’ve worked on.

  • “Guys, Girls, and Guns: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Style!”

    “Guys, Girls, and Guns: How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse in Style!”

    In an effort to keep track of development- and to make sure that I am always moving forward with progress – I’ve decided to open up my development in a bit of a public way. It should help keep motivation going. And if I start to slack off- hopefully the…

  • Colored Rectangle Platformer

    Colored Rectangle Platformer

    A game heavily inspired by Thomas Was Alone – this unnamed Unity project will probably not see much further development.

  • Planet Jumper

    Planet Jumper

    This game started as a PlayMaker tutorial for someone on the PlayMaker forums. I then took some free artwork from Kenney AKA Asset Jesus, and spiced it up. Finally, I tried to port the game to HTML5, which made me realize how much I hate Javascript. Phaser is probably nice…

  • Multiplayer Magic Archer

    Multiplayer Magic Archer

    Simply put – this is the game that started my twitch channel. We had a multiplayer platformer up and running in no time, and the public testing attracted viewers. Unity 5 broke this game, so it’ll be some time before I look back at it.

  • Tiny Zombies

    Tiny Zombies

    Just a bunch of tiny zombies!